We support the Look Good Feel Better sister programme in Poland.



Aware of its social responsibility as a successful business, Dax Cosmetics engaged to support the foundation “Piękniejsze Życie” - Look Good Feel Better sister programme which operates in Poland. The foundation organises free skin care and make-up workshops for patients of oncology wards across the country. Each workshop has 10 participants, lasts two hours, and is run by professional cosmeticians and make-up artists. The workshops teach ways to treat or conceal appearance-related side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, reminding the patients to what extent looking well can strengthen us when we face life’s most difficult moments. The intention of the programme is to boost self-esteem in cancer patients, restoring their confidence and stimulating a sense of empowerment. The Look Good Feel Better initiative started in 1989 in the US and has since spread to 26 countries worldwide. In Poland, in 2015, the foundation “Piękniejsze Życie” has organised 120 workshops for a total of 1,200 women, held in 15 hospitals in 11 cities and towns around Poland.

For more information on the programme, see: www.piekniejszezycie.org