Launched in 2004, Perfecta is the leading brand of Dax Cosmetics, distinguished by high product quality and state-of-the-art formulas. It was created to make it possible for every woman, regardless of age and financial status, to find cosmetics tailored to cater to the particular needs of her skin.
Perfecta’s portfolio comprises a very wide range of popular face and body care cosmetics, boasting cutting-edge active ingredients and always following the newest trends in cosmetology. Besides a rich choice of cleansing cosmetics, face creams, and masks, its offer includes unique lip balms, effective slimming and bronzing preparations, and exceptional exfoliants for body and face, as well as hair-removal products, intimate hygiene gels, innovative hand and foot creams, and fluid foundations. Two custom-designed lines comprise antibacterial cosmetics for teenagers and specialised formulations for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Having her pick of a comprehensive choice of types and consistencies, every woman will be able to choose something for herself.
Perfecta cosmetics are very popular with both consumers and experts, winning numerous prizes and awards. The brand’s motto: “Beauty is a decision”, reminds us that every woman can improve her looks, and life, if only she wants to and takes matters into her own hands. 

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