Our mission is to develop and constantly improve cosmetics based on newest technology and innovative raw materials.

With a view to our customers’ satisfaction, we endeavour to discover and fulfil their needs and to create for them top-quality products.


  • We work wholeheartedly to help society create a better world.
  • For this purpose, we raise our qualifications and improve our abilities, aiming to fulfil our lives meaningfully and to be able to better accomplish our tasks.
  • We place the highest importance in earning the trust and respect of our colleagues and customers. We take pride in setting ourselves this supreme goal and work with passion and enthusiasm to achieve it.
  • We like to ask each other difficult questions and we appreciate challenges. This permits us to surprise our customers all over the world, giving them more than we have promised.
  • Our people are our greatest asset.
  • We appreciate commitment to our work, cooperation, determination, passion, and leadership, which together provide the fuel that drives our company.
  • We declare our will to serve people, society, and environment. We are grateful for the fact we can be useful to them.



  • Commitment
  • Trust and respect
  • Transparency
  • Innovativeness
  • Quality