Yoskine is a brand of luxurious cosmetics, created in collaboration with Japanese laboratories in Kyoto.
Inspired by the yin-yang philosophy, in collaboration with Japanese-based laboratories of Rohto, YOSKINE scientists developed the IN-YO TECHNOLOGY, an avant-garde approach to skin care with a double rejuvenating power. IN’DETOX & YO’ACTIVE technology is a revolutionary combination of cell detoxication and advanced, rejuvenating skin care. Due to its unique dual action, every Yoskine cosmetic naturally purifies cell of toxins. In consequence, active ingredients delivered to the skin are better absorbed and show up to a twofold increase in efficacy, providing protection to skin structures and an intense rejuvenating effect.
Yoskine skin care cosmetics are distinguished by their superior quality, state-of-the-art ingredients, unique formulas, exceptional consistencies, and beautiful packaging design. They are sold through the best pharmacies and cosmetic stores in Poland.

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