Dax Sun is the tanning expert in the portfolio of Dax Cosmetics – a pioneer in UV protection in Poland and one of the leading manufacturers on the Polish market of sunscreen products. 25 years of experience in designing high-quality sunscreen cosmetics results in a high level of consumer trust and continually strong market standing, further enhanced by a very good price/quality ratio of our products.
The brand’s portfolio comprises close to 30 products, including sunscreens with protection factors (SPF) ranging from 6 do 50+ (lotions, oils, and emulsions for the body, and creams for the face), after-sun cosmetics, and self-tanners. Dax Sun also boasts the richest offer on the market of sun products for children and family.
Dax Sun sun cosmetics are characterised by an increased level of waterproofness. They contain UVA/UVB Balance – a system of top-quality, photostable filters which protect the skin against sunburn and photoageing, as well as a choice of ingredients which take care of the skin and alleviate the negative side-effects of exposure to the sun. The preparations are dermatologically tested, products dedicated to children undergo additional clinical tests carried out by the paediatricians of the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. All Dax Sun cosmetics are fully compliant with the EU recommendations concerning sun products.

Willingly accepting the social responsibility resting with the company as a leading manufacturer of sun products, Dax Cosmetics has initiated and organised the biggest educational campaign for safe tanning in Poland - #OpalamSieBezpiecznie (#ITanSafely). It’s aim is to spread knowledge on how to enjoy the sun safely and on the risks posed by unwise tanning and excessive exposure to the sun.
The first edition of the campaign took place in 2012. Since then, every summer its specially adapted Melanobus has visited the biggest seaside resorts in Poland, offering free skin tests carried out by specialists in dermatology. The tests include an examination of skin marks, spots, and birthmarks, as well as determining the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Participants are offered information on the principles of safe tanning and help in choosing the level of sun protection suitable for their skin type. 

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