Since 1984 we’ve been employing our experience and expertise to provide you with top-quality cosmetics.


DAX Cosmetics, one of the leaders on the Polish cosmetic market, has 35 years of experience in manufacturing cosmetics.

In 2014, Dax Cosmetics became part of the Rohto Pharmaceuticals Group, a Japanese cosmetic and pharmaceutical corporation with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Rohto Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1899 by Mr Yasutami Yamada and is now a fast-growing, global corporation, present in 150 countries worldwide. Currently, its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Mr Kunio Yamada.

Rohto Pharmaceuticals concentrates its activity on three product categories: cosmetics, OTC drugs, and food supplements. The company specialises in the production of premium cosmetics, its leading brand being Hada Labo, a packet of which is sold every other second. The company portfolio also includes unique Softlips lip balms, designed by Mentholatum, a sister company from the US. Both brands are now available for sale through Dax Cosmetics. Other well-known products of Rohto Group include eye drops (in which it is the global leader), dermocosmetics, analgesic gels, and dietary supplements.

The main focus of Dax Cosmetics is the production and sales of face and body care cosmetics as well as suntanning preparations and make-up products. Our portfolio comprises almost 80 lines of cosmetics, manufactured under seven brands: YOSKINE, PERFECTA, CASHMERE, DAX SUN, DAX MEN, CELIA, and HADA LABO – the leading brand of Rohto Group. Our products are available in over 30 countries around the world, including the US, Chile, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Croatia, Turkey, and Hong Kong. High standards of production and superior quality of our products are confirmed by numerous prizes and awards.

The strength of Dax Cosmetics lies in our laboratories: the R&D Laboratory develops new formulas and tests their efficacy; the Microbiological and Physicochemical Laboratories apply rigorous standards to constantly monitor the quality of packaging, raw materials, production batches, and end products. Throughout its history, Dax Cosmetics has been a pioneer in introducing many technologically advanced innovations to the Polish cosmetic industry. We have been the first privately-owned cosmetic manufacturer to launch sunscreens with UV filters, creams with liposomes and retinol, and anti-cellulite preparations. 

Today, Dax Cosmetics has a staff of over 250 employees, up-to-date production facilities of 7 thousand sq m and modern equipment which permits for a daily production of 8 tonnes of cosmetics.

High standards in company management are confirmed by international certificates. The company was awarded the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001-2000 in 2004, and the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices in 2012.